Dealing With Spring Allergies

It has been a long winter and we’re all looking forward to warmer weather and spring flowers.  But for many spring is also the beginning of the dreaded allergy season.

Itchy throats, sneezing and watery eyes are the most common signs of seasonal allergies but some people even deal with fatigue, wheezing or difficulty breathing.

Tree pollen is usually the worst allergy offender but certainly not the only one.  Learning how to identify and manage different types of allergies can help you minimize, or even prevent some symptoms before they begin.

Over the counter or prescription allergy medications and nasal sprays are the most common treatments.  Others include using a dehumidifier, showering before bedtime, using high-efficiency air filters in your home and more.

See the guide below to learn more about seasonal allergies, when they are most common and how you can reduce suffering.