July is Sarcoma Awareness Month!!

Courthouse Family Medicine wants to make everyone more aware of Sarcoma!

  • 1 in 100 cancers is sarcoma
  • sarcoma is a malignant tumor of the soft tissue. It can grow in the fat, blood vessels, nerves, bones, muscles, deep skin tissues, and cartilage.
  • They can only be diagnosed with a biopsy
  • Fifteen percent develop in the hands and arms, another 15 percent in the head and neck and 30 percent in the shoulders, chest, abdomen, or hips. Soft tissue sarcomas can invade surrounding tissue and can metastasize (spread) to other organs of the body. forming a secondary tumor. Secondary tumors are referred to as metastatic soft tissue sarcoma because they are part of the original cancer and are not a new disease.
  • All information was found here (http://sarcomaalliance.org/what-you-need-to-know/what-is-sarcoma/ )