Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Courthouse Family Medicine is now scheduling Welcome to Medicare and Medicare Annual Wellness visits.

What does the Annual Wellness visit cost?
You pay nothing out of pocket for this visit; however, you may incur a co-payment or deductible expense if additional services are ordered or performed by your doctor.

When am I eligible for my Annual Wellness visit?
After you have had Medicare Part B for more than 12 months.  If you’ve had a Welcome to Medicare visit within the last 12 months you must wait 12 months after your Welcome visit to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit.

How often can I have my Annual Wellness Visit?
You may have an Annual Wellness Visit once every 12 months.

What is covered during the new Annual Wellness Visit?
You Annual Wellness Visit will include:

  • routine measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure and body-mass index
  • review of medical and family history
  • establishing a list of current providers, suppliers and medications
  • a personal risk assessment (including any mental health conditions)
  • a review of functional ability and level of safety
  • detection of any cognitive impairment
  • screening for depression
  • other advice or referral services that may help intervene and treat potential health risks
  • voluntary advanced care planning
  • an update to medical and family history

What if I require further tests or screenings?
Medicare covers many screenings for people who are at high risk for certain diseases.  During your Annual Wellness Visit, you and your doctor will decide what screenings you need.